Maine Relations

For the first time in many years I took a proper trip during the annual academic spring break this past March. Obviously the past two years were disrupted by the pandemic, but even before that I had become accustomed to spending that week recuperating at home (or working my way through student papers). But this … Continue reading Maine Relations

A Summer School Playlist

To commemorate the start of the summer school session, here’s a playlist of songs. I’m deeply indebted to my much-more-musically-inclined-brother-in-law Ben for sharing so much great new music during our time in the mountains this past week (not to mention his generous sharing of his family’s cabin, his inherited collection of audiocassettes, and his love … Continue reading A Summer School Playlist

Thanatopsis in Paris, TN

In March I traveled to Tennessee for my grandmother’s funeral. This journey involved convening with my immediate family in Nashville before continuing on for the funeral itself in the town of Paris, TN. I previously wrote gushingly (and verbosely) about Wim Wenders’ Paris, Texas after seeing the film for the first time. The film’s evocative … Continue reading Thanatopsis in Paris, TN

An urban media tour of the South Side

With the weather warming up crowds have returned to the outdoor patios on my block and elsewhere along Carson Street, and I’ve recently returned to the trails and even brought my bike out of its winter hibernation (I’ve continued to be flummoxed by the pervasive road construction and sidewalk closures, however). In honor of the … Continue reading An urban media tour of the South Side