“A cool medium, whether the spoken word or the manuscript or TV, leaves much more for the listener or user to do than a hot medium. If the medium is of high definition, participation is low. If the medium is of low intensity, the participation is high. Perhaps this is why lovers mumble so.” – Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media

The Cool Medium blog features missives and musings on urban studies, media theory & criticism, and a stochastic roster of other topics.

Curry Chandler is a writer and researcher working in the areas of urbanism, rhetorical criticism, and media studies. His published writings have appeared in academic journals and the popular press, and cover topics such as net neutrality, news reporting analysis, and the media theory of Marshall McLuhan.

Curry is a graduate teaching fellow in the department of Communication & Rhetoric at the University of Pittsburgh. His current research projects are primarily in the field of urban communication studies, including the political economy of ride-share services, and the development rhetoric of post-industrial urbanization.

Contact Curry through his personal web site.

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