Technology, hyperemployment, and femininity

Ian Bogost devoted a recent Atlantic op-ed to the subject of hyperemployment, his term for new economic realities introduced by technology and the proliferation of smartphones and online services: If you’re like many people, you’ve started using your smartphone as an alarm clock. Now it’s the first thing you see and hear in the morning. … Continue reading Technology, hyperemployment, and femininity

Mike Gane interview: Baudrillard, academia, more

The upcoming issue of the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies features an interview with Baudrillard scholar Mike Gane. The interview touches upon a variety of topics, including Gane's interactions with Baudrillard, media coverage of Margaret Thatcher's death, and hypothesizing what Baudrillard would be writing about were he alive today: One could ‘see’ the specific things … Continue reading Mike Gane interview: Baudrillard, academia, more