Shots from the Block: Duquesne Brew House & Abolition Art Show

This past weekend I went on a walk around my neighborhood with a friend who lives on my block. She had messaged me asking if I had gone outside to take advantage of the abundant sunlight we were having that day. I had been inside grading all morning and was eager to take a break … Continue reading Shots from the Block: Duquesne Brew House & Abolition Art Show

Belcourt Appreciation & Pandemic Media Memories

For the Thanksgiving break last week I visited my family in Nashville. My parents have only been in Tennessee for a few years, so there’s not much personal history connecting me to the place, but after having lived there through the first 18 months of the pandemic returning this time felt like a true homecoming. … Continue reading Belcourt Appreciation & Pandemic Media Memories

Metaverse Madness

Late last month Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company was changing its name to Meta Platforms Inc., or simply Meta for short. The timing of the announcement led many commentators to interpret the re-branding as an attempt by Facebook leadership to direct attention away from the leaked documents and whistleblower testimony that were … Continue reading Metaverse Madness

City Scenes: Threadbare Cider House

My trip to the Spring Hill cemetery city view last month was preceded by a visit to Threadbare Cider House, located just down the hill in the same neighborhood. The day featured seasonally-appropriate fall weather, and the cider house itself was bedecked with seasonal accoutrements. There is an outdoor seating area that was inactive at … Continue reading City Scenes: Threadbare Cider House

Pittsburgh Mayoral Elections Update

The Pittsburgh mayoral election will be held tomorrow, and the result will be historic regardless of which of the leading candidates wins: either Ed Gainey will be the city’s first Black mayor, or Tony Moreno will be the first Republican mayor since the 1930s. The endorsements, campaign ads, and mailers have been out in full … Continue reading Pittsburgh Mayoral Elections Update

City Scenes: Spring Hill Cemetery & City View

This weekend I traveled over to Pittsburgh’s Spring Hill neighborhood to take in some of the local fare as well as the killer city views. My roommate had recently biked to this North Side neighborhood to visit the Threadbare ciderhouse, and he returned with rave reviews of the brewery and the panoramas afforded by the … Continue reading City Scenes: Spring Hill Cemetery & City View

Pittsburgh 2021 Mayoral Elections

On November 2nd Pittsburghers will elect a new mayor. Whatever the results, it will mark a post-Peduto era for the first time since I’ve lived in the city. I was completely caught off guard when Ed Gainey won the democratic nomination earlier this year. I had assumed that Peduto was a shoo-in for a third … Continue reading Pittsburgh 2021 Mayoral Elections

City Scenes: Cycling to East Liberty, Oakland, and back again

Ever since my roommate got his new road bike a couple weeks ago he’s been tearing up the road and trails. He rode 12 miles out to the town of Duquesne this week just because he had the afternoon free. And he’s now completely switched from commuting via public transit to cycling. I had been … Continue reading City Scenes: Cycling to East Liberty, Oakland, and back again

City Scenes: The Summer Ends (again)

The official first day of fall came two weeks ago, and the weather in Pittsburgh has changed accordingly. But I feel that the summer doesn’t really end until the regular baseball season comes to a close, and due to MLB scheduling this year the Pirates’ final homestand fell on the first three days of October, … Continue reading City Scenes: The Summer Ends (again)

City Scenes: Peloton Pair at Point & Pitt Cathedral Fireworks

This past Saturday afternoon my roommate entered our apartment wearing a bicycle helmet and announcing that he had just impulse-purchased a new cycle. “Wanna go for a ride?” he asked me. He had stopped by a renowned bike shop in our neighborhood and picked up a new ride, one that puts my entry-level hybrid from … Continue reading City Scenes: Peloton Pair at Point & Pitt Cathedral Fireworks