Tupac Shakur hologram ‘performs’ at Coachella

During Snoop Dogg’s performance at the Coachella music festival this weekend dead rap icon Tupac Shakur was “resurrected” to appear on stage as a projected image that is being called a hologram. Check out the video below.

The effect was created by San Diego-based AV Concepts. From a press release:

Over 100,000 fans witnessed the “return of Tupac” as a Hologram performing on stage with hip-hop music legends Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, thanks to the combination of advanced projection technology and creative expertise available only from AV Concepts. The production followed months of collaborative planning between Dr. Dre’s production company and AV Concepts’ creative and technical experts to design and engineer the special effect.

TMZ reports that Shakur’s mother was “thrilled” with the hologram.

Natt Garun at Digital Trends wonders if resurrection dead musicians via this sort of technology will become a trend.

With a lot of Tupac fans still around to support the late rapper, we wonder if hologram concerts will be the next big thing to keep music alive even when the artists have passed? Considering how realistic the hologram looked, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a hologram concert of The Beatles with the still very alive Paul McCartney leading the show. Who do you think could be next to get revived for a musical performance?

Anime characters created through similar technology have already been performing in Japan.

Last year Mariah Carey performed five concerts simultaneously via projection technology.

Appearing to the audience as if she was live in concert for the first 10 minutes of the show, her hologram form then exploded into the sky, revealing the surprise, before she reformed to lead all the countries in a moving rendition of the traditional carol ‘Silent Night’, then finishing with the all-time favourite ‘All I want for Christmas is You’.

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