City Scenes: The Summer Ends (again)

The official first day of fall came two weeks ago, and the weather in Pittsburgh has changed accordingly. But I feel that the summer doesn’t really end until the regular baseball season comes to a close, and due to MLB scheduling this year the Pirates’ final homestand fell on the first three days of October, giving us a tiny taste of Buctober baseball.

The Friday evening game was cool, even chilly in the latter innings. It was not nearly as cold as previous early-season games I’ve attended but it was cool enough that I was able to wear my Pirates starter jacket. Saturday was warmer, and on my way to the stadium I noticed several telltale signs of summer’s end: the pool at the Ormsby rec center has been drained, and the Allegheny Overlook pop-up park has disappeared from Fort Duquesne Boulevard.

The Clemente bridge was closed-off to vehicle traffic giving the ballpark-bound crowds full reign of the street. I was glad to be able to partake in this ritual one last time this year, especially since the bridge will be closed for refurbishment next season.

At the end of the bridge lines for entry to the ballpark snaked around the block. It was by far the longest lines I’ve seen at PNC Park this year.

I know it’s not really Buctober, and I remain hopeful that I will get to see actual post-season baseball at PNC Park, but I still relished the opportunity to take in fall evenings at the ballpark.

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