A Summer School Playlist

To commemorate the start of the summer school session, here’s a playlist of songs. I’m deeply indebted to my much-more-musically-inclined-brother-in-law Ben for sharing so much great new music during our time in the mountains this past week (not to mention his generous sharing of his family’s cabin, his inherited collection of audiocassettes, and his love of 90s Kevin Costner movies). I also want to offer apologies and appreciation for Mark Fisher’s KPUNK playlists. The result of this inaugural effort is an experimental earsore: some autobiographical navelgazing, some lame gestures toward a topical time capsule, a few efforts at thematic resonance, and some shameless incorporation of recent earworms. Here is the set as a YouTube playlist, (and here as a Spotify playlist) and the tracklist is below:

1. Billy Bragg, “To Have and to Have Not”

2. Pedro the Lion, “Indian Summer”

3. Built to Spill, “Rearrange”

4. Jimmy Cliff, “The Harder They Come”

5. Kae Tempest, “More Pressure”

6. Digable Planets, “La Femme Fetal”

7. Brooklyn Funk Essentials, “The Revolution Was Postponed Because of Rain”

8. Jimmy Driftwood, “He Had a Long Chain On”

9. Dakh Daughters, “When I Was Thirty Six”

10. Pussy Riot, “Police State”

11. Randy Newman, “It’s Money That I Love”

12. Stereolab, “Ping Pong”

13. NOFX, “The Marxist Brothers”

14. Le Tigre, “Get Off the Internet”

15. Jeff Rosenstock, “Polar Bear or Africa”

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