City Scenes: Pitt Homecoming fireworks redux

One of my favorite features of my South Side apartment is the view of Pitt’s Cathedral of Learning across the river in Oakland. When the time came for Pitt’s annual Homecoming fireworks display last Fall I was excited to check out the proceedings from the comfort of my living room. This time around I wanted to see how I would fare photographing the pyrotechnics with a proper camera instead of my phone. So I set a tripod up at the window and waited for the show to start.

This year’s show was a little different because in addition to the usual fireworks going off from the Cathedral and nearby Schenley Park, there were also fireworks going off toward downtown (I’m not sure what vantage point these would be visible from.).

Anyway, these weren’t the photographic marvels I had hoped for, but it was something a little different for another time around the block.

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