Cycling Toronto’s Waterfront (w/ video!)

While in Toronto this past October I tried out the city’s bike share system. Even though I’d used the city’s public transit during previous visits to Toronto, on this trip it took me a while to acclimate in terms of which stations I was able to purchase a metro pass for the subway or streetcar with my debit card (NYC’s new Omny “tap and go” system is much easier and more convenient, so take that Canadian infrastructure snobs!).

Overall I found the cycling infrastructure in Toronto to be quite robust, with the city center and major thoroughfares populated with ample dedicated bike lanes (if that’s your jam…I know bike lanes have their drawbacks and aren’t a panacea, but they’re still where I feel most comfortable riding, particularly among traffic in a strange city).

An iconic Toronto bike post, with the “City Cycling Committee” imprint.

I’m not sure what these bike jump markings are for; practicing bunny hops?

The bike share stations were plentiful. Bike Share Toronto uses the same PBSC app as Pittsburgh and many other cities. I did have connectivity issues with my U.S.-based data plan for some reason.

I went riding on a few of the main commercial drags, and due to my transit difficulties used the bike system as a “last mile” option on a couple of occasions. On Queen Street West I came across a local outlet for Giant, the manufacturer of both of my current bikes.

I did a couple of night rides when I couldn’t figure out bus schedules from my phone.

But the most sustained cycling I did was along the Waterfront, on the Martin Goodman Trail. It was gorgeous Fall weather, perfect for a leisurely ride. Here’s some video I shot of the trail ride; it intercuts between my ride out and the return.

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