City Scenes: Zenith vintage & brunch

My sister’s trip to Pittsburgh this past summer gave me an opportunity not only to revisit some favorite local spots but also to check off some items from my Steel City bucket list, like Jerry’s Records. One of the other places I got to experience for the first time was The Zenith: an antiques shop and weekend brunch spot over on Sarah Street in South Side Flats.

Some friends recommended The Zenith to me after I told them I was moving to the neighborhood, and my apartment ended up being in such close proximity that I regularly walk right by the shop. But I didn’t manage to make it for brunch service until this summer.

The shop itself is satisfyingly eclectic, packed from floor to ceiling with household items and various knick knacks. When they’re operating the restaurant brunch is served in a space in the back of the store.

The menu is vegan, with a small selection of breakfast entrees and a buffet with veggies, hummus, and breads.

And of course the shop is there for your browsing pleasure either when you’re waiting to be seated or after your meal. I particularly enjoyed this shrine of Pittsburgh sports memorabilia.

Come for the food, stay for the nostalgic reminiscence of a winning Pirates team.

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