Defining Media Ecology

This essay was originally written as part of my PhD comprehensive exams. It was written in response to the prompt: "Define Media Ecology." Introduction             The meaning of the phrase “media ecology” will likely depend on the context in which it is used. When the phrase appears in popular discourse, it is often used in a … Continue reading Defining Media Ecology

End of 2012 mega blow-out post

"General Semantics and media theory": video of a 20-minute presentation by Thom Gencarelli from this year's IGS symposium. "Game or be gamed: Douglas Rushkoff on prototyping democracy through play" "Those levels of interactivity, for me, recapitulated the levels of participation that we as a society have had since the invention of media," Rushkoff said, referring … Continue reading End of 2012 mega blow-out post